Corporate Wellness Magazine


Evidence Based Wellness - the Next Great Leap?

Emma Lydon

The concept of ‘wellness’ is one that has gained a huge amount of traction within healthcare in America over the past few decades.

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Activate Wellness Programs to Achieve Key Workforce and Bottom-Line Objectives

Audrey Boone Tillman, Aflac’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Services

In today’s changing economic climate, companies are always looking for ways to balance financial responsibility with keeping employees happy in the workplace

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New Rules for Wellness Plans Offer Savings for Employers and Employees

Dave Monahan: President, CEO of FitLinxx

Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act allows employers to reduce the cost of employees’ health insurance premiums when they participate in programs encouraging exercise

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Engaging Wellness for your Organization

Mark Roberts

The big buzz in employee health care for the past two years has been, and continues to be, wellness.

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Improving Wellness by Ending the Physical and Psychological Stress of Commuting

Bill James

The greatest source of work-related stress does not occur at the office. Before an employee reads and answers emails, returns calls and accepts summary requests from managers and bosses

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The Cost of Unplanned Absenteeism: Is Your ROI Really Your ROI?

Rob Goldstein MS

Is your ROI really you ROI or are unplanned absences costing the workplace billions more than we can accurately project.

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Preparing for When the Wellness Bubble Bursts

William McPeck, MSW, CWWPC, WLCP

I have been thinking for a while that the field of worksite wellness is currently experiencing a bubble – a wellness bubble.

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Changing Employee Lifestyles: Creating a Sense of Urgency

Charles K. Bens, PhD

Employers from coast to coast are facing a troubling problem, how to get their employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviors.

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Reason to Smile: Dental Health and Gum Rejuvenation

Dr. Howard Hoffman

In the discussion involving healthcare reform, in this national debate about changes to insurance policies and premiums, there is an entire discipline of medicine worthy of greater attention

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Fed with Care and Healed by Love: The Power of a Canine or Feline Companion

Lewis Fein

Studies abound confirming the emotional benefits of having a pet, from the increased sense of companionship and loyalty to improved mental and physical health.

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Fitness Trackers On Course To Become Fashionable Piece of Wellness Puzzle

Joe Harkins

Don’t look now, but those devices clipped onto waistbands, wrapped around wrists or dropped in a pocket may be coming to a body part on you.

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The Elixir for Enjoying and Maintaining Wellness: The Importance of Vacationing in the Right Places for the Right Reasons

Ron Zak

Stress, in all its forms, is a killer – literally. The statistics regarding diabetes, obesity, heart attack and stroke confirm this point.

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Health Care Reform Magazine


Health Insurance Exchanges: An Overview, Core Facets, Key functions and Challenges for Stakeholders

Lakshminarasimha Nemani

Affordable Care Act (ACA) is definitely a game changer in US healthcare as it brings in sweeping reforms in delivery of healthcare.

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Questions about the Foolishness and Ethics of the Bid Process

Bill Crimmins

I think the bid process attempts to help decision makers make sound decisions on a level playing field.

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Population Risk Management and Workplace Health Centers

David M. Demers, MPH and Richard Pinckney, MD, MPH

Onsite health in the context of the employer-employee relationship is nothing new; its American roots can be traced back at least as far as the turn of the century.

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Self Funding Magazine


Why You Should Audit Your Employee Benefit Plans Now (Really Now)!

Lewis D. Bivona Jr., CPA

Last year I wrote about the government actually taking a leadership role to rout out fraud and improper payments through new initiatives imbedded in the Affordable Care Act.

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Population Risk Management and Workplace Health Center

David M. Demers, MPH and Richard Pinckney, MD, MPH

Onsite health in the context of the employer-employee relationship is nothing new; its American roots can be traced back at least as far as the turn of the century.

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Voluntary Benefits Magazine


Being Creative in Health Insurance Options

Perry Lieber

When you are looking forward to the future of your company, health insurance is probably weighing heavily on your mind

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The Importance and Benefits of Sleeping on the Job

Christopher Lindholst

More and more employers acknowledge the importance of a short mid- day nap and offer their employees rest facilities.

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